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Divine Co-Creation: The 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnerships
August 21-24, 2009 
A 4-day Retreat for individuals, couples, and partners
Seeking to Experience Divine Co-Creation:
The 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnership

With Brent Law and Anita Pathik Law
Align and Co-Create within the 4 Dimensions of Relationships: Source , Self, Others, & the Global Community

Brent and Anita Law are frequent guest speakers at churches and spiritual communities. Their mix of music, meditations, and interactive facilitation style provides the sacred space to explore your authentic truth. Their original workshops and retreats include the profoundly healing and impactful topic of Divine Co-Creation: The 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnerships. Learn more about their work at www.powerofourway.com
Brent and Anita Law - Life, Love, and Co-Creative Partners
  • Are you seeking a deeper connection in your relationship/s?
  • Are you willing and interested in deepening your partnership?
  • Are you ready to become a co-creative partner but are battling past experiences?
  • Are you single and seeking a new level of conscious co-creation in your future relationship?
  • Are you in a new relationship and committed to co-creating a relationship built on trust, fun, mutual respect and joy?
  • Are you struggling with how to effectively communicate your needs and desires?
  • Do you want to improve your marriage or partnership?

If you answered "yes!" to any of these questions, it may be time for you to experience "The 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnership" with Brent and Anita Law.

Would you like to know more?

Listen to how they define spiritual partnerships...

What is a Spiritual Partnership? Part One

What is a Spiritual Partnership? Part Two

The 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnerships is a fresh, insightful, and thought provoking look into the potential that exists in all of our partnerships.

Regardless of the type of relationship; this retreat is open to single folks, married couples, life partners, family, parents, children, friends, business partners, churches, ministers and boards, and colleagues.

Anita and Brent will take you through the 8 Commitments (and a few agreements) in a gentle, thoughtful, and yet incredibly powerful way during three days of life changing experiential activities, conscious dialogues, and meditative and musical reflection.

"The 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnerships with Brent and Anita Law was one of the most profound Sunday Services I have ever attended at my church! If I had heard them speak 10 years ago I am convinced my marriage would still be alive!"  

~Congregant from The Spiritual Empowerment Center in Baltimore, Maryland

"Anita and Brent Law co-create their lives spiritually through a space of interdependency.  Through their presence, actions, words, and music, I consistently experience an osmosis of the true meaning of being a co-creative spiritual partner.  I am grateful for Anita and Brent's interdependent sharing of their spiritual life, as it is a demonstration and affirmation of a truth I have always known."

~Love, Peace and Infinite Blessings, Jim Vary, Mount Airy, Maryland


Would you like to master the principles of co-creating powerful, affirming relationships that thrive through Conscious Dialogue and Conscious Co-creation?

Do you see an opportunity to develop deeper, powerful, generative relationships, beginning with yourself and your Source?

What would it be like to build every relationship on a foundation of shared values and mutual respect?

How joyful would you be if  the relationships in your  life were infused with truth, love, authentic self expression, and a deep mutual commitment to each other’s growth and continuous evolution?

Would you love to experience a deeper sense of purpose and mission in all of your relationships?

Listen to a brief overview of The 8 Commitments with Brent and Anita Law and come to this life changing, healing, transcendent, 4-day retreat the weekend of
August 21-24, 2009 in Jacksonville, Florida

"You and your life will never be the same!" ~Retreat participant

Commitments One and Two:  Engage in Conscious Dialogue and Continuously Evolve

Ahh...the beauty of Committing to Continuous Evolution...

Are you ready to abolish this myth about partnerships and relationships?

What does it mean to Honor Your Interdependence and Be Personally Accountable in a Spiritual Partnership?

If it's true, it's true! What would happen if we didn't keep a "scorecard?"

And, imagine seeing your partnerships and relationships in their highest authentic expressions - all the time...

How does the 6th Commitment Serve as a Reminder?

The 8th Commitment: We Co-Create Everything...

Master Coach and Healer, Rev. Anita Pathik Law, author of The Power of Our Way—A Path to a Collective Consciousness, and her Husband, Singer-Songwriter, and inspiring speaker and healer, Brent Law have devoted more than 11 years to inspiring others with their co-creations and a message of hope and potentiality.

Their poetry, music and wisdom sharing reaches deep into the spiritual wellspring of Universal Knowledge that opens us to realities that often lie beyond our imagination or belief.

Now, after years of requests from friends, family, and clients, they share the  8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnership; the very commitments they have made, applied and expanded in the creation of their own life, marriage, family, and service partnership.

Whether you are seeking your perfect partner for marriage, companionship, or even for business, or you have already found your soul mate, you know that relationships can be challenging.

Why should you learn more about Divine Co-creation: The Eight Commitments of Spiritual Partnership? Listen to the impact; the effect and the ripples you will co-create...

At the core, this is what the 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnership with Brent and Anita Law will gift to you...

If you are inspired by what you have heard and how you feel, join us August 21 at 3:00 pm through August 24, 2009 at 5:00 pm for this transformational
4-day retreat for individuals, couples and partners of all kinds, in
Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

We currently only are accepting reservations for 12 people total and you have two options for registration!

Advanced Registration Before July 21, 2009 saves $100 on both options!

Option One: One Registration (1 person) = Two Payments of $249.50 and includes most meals, three full days of retreat activities, materials, and one book and cd.
Total Tuition for one person is $499 when you register before July 21, 2009.

Option Two: Two Registrations (2 persons) = Three payments of $300 and includes most meals, three days of activities, and two sets of materials, books and CD's.
Total tuition for two persons registering together is $900
when you register before July 21, 2009

**Tuition will increase by $100 after July 21 and we expect this retreat to be filled quickly so reserve your spot today!

Friday, August 21, 2009:    

Saturday, August 22, 2009:

Sunday, August 23,
and Monday, August 24, 2009:

on Tuesday, August 25, 2009:

3:00-4:00 pm - Registration and Mingling

4:00-9:00 pm - Opening Celebration, Setting Intentions, The 8 Commitments

9:30 am - 5:00 pm - The 8 Commitments - Expanding the Reality of Relationships

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm - Concert, Music and Meditation

10:00 am -5:00 pm - Integration, Healing Sessions, Building a Legacy of Love, Impact on Family and the Global Community

To schedule optional private sessions with Anita, Brent, or both, contact us immediately upon registration to book in advance for a discount.


Your investment of just $499 per person or $900 per “pair” secures your place in this powerful life-changing Spiritual Partnership retreat. Early bird registration and the multi-payment plan options end on July 1, 2009 (save $100 and take advantage of two payments for one reservation and three payments for two)

If you are not attending with an intimate partner, come with a friend, parent or child (18 or older) and take advantage of the two person registration discount!

Whether you are Single, Married, Partnered or Divorced—Joy and Fulfillment only takes one—YOU!

Don’t wait another day to open yourself to a potential that exists in all of your relationships and partnerships! 

Space is limited!

Early Bird Registration Tuition Is Good Until July 21, 2009 and we expect to fill quickly!

Reserve Your Spot Today...


Reserve your spot/s today and join us for this powerful, life changing journey into a potential that will open you to joy, love, fulfillment and ease in all of your relationships!


Option One is One Registration for 2 payments of 249.50 (total of 499)

Option Two is Two Registrations for $900 (three payments of $300)

Would you love to learn more about how to begin the Spiritual Partnership Program and/or host a retreat or workshop?

Please complete this form and we will contact you asap!

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You may host a retreat by contacting us directly and completing the form on this page!
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Be on the lookout for our next weekend adventure where we will share and explore 8 powerful commitments that will enhance each of the 4 Dimensions of Spiritual Relationships; Your Relationship and Partnership with Your Source, Your Self, With Others and With the Larger Global Community.


Need More Information?
Contact us at
inspiration@powerofmyway.com, or phone 904-217-7684

Divine Co-Creation: The 8 Commitments of Spiritual Partnerships is available in a few different formats:

Sunday Services or Workshops/Retreats at Your Spiritual Center or Church

Brent and Anita share "the Pulpit" in the same way they share their relationship with one another; with a dynamic ease that inspires, uplifts, and transforms the way people think of marriage, partnership and love.

Workshops and Retreats

Anita and Brent Law deliver retreats and workshops that range from 2 hours to three days, depending on the needs and desired depth of the experience.

Please contact us at info@powerofmyway.com or contact Karen Shannon, our event planner, at 410-627-6293 to arrange a speaking engagement, sunday service, or workshop on this or other topics that bring great value to your congregation.

Individual Coaching

The essence of our work in Divine Co-Creation begins first with your relationship with your Source, your Higher Power and the relationship you have with yourself. It is this foundation that then opens you to developing powerfully co-creative relationships with others.

Many of our clients enter into Spiritual Partnership Coaching as a way to clear the garbage and clutter that prevents them from not only attracting the right and perfect relationships, but also from truly being able to co-exist and co-create within a more initimate relationship with their partner.

Applying the 8 Commitments to your relationship with yourself and your Higher Power first, will pave the way to attracting and maintaining the richest relationships you can imagine.

This level of work does require that you engage in a more intentional and conscious approach in both thought and action, own responsibility for your co-creative power, and be willing to evolve into the truth of who you are and why you are here.

To engage in Individual Coaching utilizing the 8 Commitments, we require that you attend the Awakening to Purpose Program in either the live or self study format ether before or during our time together.

This program is creating more breakthroughs and shifts than we ever imagined and is some of the deepest foundational work you could possibly do to prepare yourself for the relationship level work.

Couples and Partnership Coaching

Working through the 8 Commitments with your partner is a powerful and rewarding experience. This is not, however, marriage or couples counseling, but rather a coaching and learning model applied to relationship level work.

To engage in Partner/Couples Coaching utilizing the 8 Commitments, we also require that you attend the Awakening to Purpose Program in either the live or self study format ether before or during our time together.

Again, Awakening to Purpose deepens your relationship with Source and Self - a foundation that supports your relationship with your partner. 

Please click here to contact us with any questions you may have...

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