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Why We Exist...

Our purpose is to raise consciousness and build bridges of higher understanding
within self, within self and Source, in relationships, in business and leadership, and across cultures and religions. In doing this, we commit to being intentional in what we powerfully and positively contribute to the collective consciousness and support you in "Taking Responsibility for Your Own Shift...and Returning to Your Original Intention"

Our mission is to inspire, teach, sing and coach for authenticity, passion, purpose and dream fulfillment; to bridge the gap between spirituality and business, and to give rise to bringing your whole self into all that you do by aligning with your highest purpose and transcending the illusions that create undesired realities.

Our desire is to assist you in understanding and realizing your true power and potential, move you "out of thought and into action," and provide you with the inspiration, knowledge, skills, and support to do so.

Through our coaching, thought provoking tele-programs, books, articles, music, seminars, and inspirational resources, our intention is to move your soul, challenge your mind, and excite your heart, so that you may be free of the beliefs and actions that limit your ability to access true freedom and realize your innate potential.

This is our commitment and contribution to the world.

To get started, we recommend the following resources...

Download "Standing in a New Reality" at

Join us live and receive several free downloads of spiritual messages and meditations at
www.powerofmyway.com/sundaysoulaudios.html and www.consciousdialogues.com

Watch Perfection Unfolding, a powerful movie and meditation at

Download a FREE powerful healing audio credited with facilitating numerous medically documented miracles at

Check out the next Soul's Journey Into Expression Series at www.powerofmyway.com/soulsjourney.html


Details for our next LIVE RETREAT is posted at

Join Ani and co-host, Paula Langguth Ryan for a live radio show called The Conflict Free Zone every Monday thru Thursday morning at 8:30 AM EST at

Every Wednesday Evening at 7:00 PM at Unity Church for Creative Living in Jacksonville, Florida - get upcoming topic titles for WEDNESDAY NIGHT ALIVE at

Join us for a Live Sunday Soul Gathering at www.powerofmyway.com/sundaysoul.html

To contact us for one-on-one coaching, information on upcoming programs, or to book Ani for a speaking engagement or live appearance, email us at

Enjoy with Abundant Blessings, Ani

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FREE Dialogues on Self Healing with Dr. Bernie Seigel, Dr. Norm Shealy and Anita Pathik Law at www.powerofmyway.com/heal.html

Upcoming Live (FREE) Teleclasses are posted at www.powerofmyway.com/teleseminars.html

The NEXT Awakening the Healer Within Teleretreat and Training Program begins at www.powerofmyway.com/awaken.html 

Ready to Thrive in Your Soul Based Business? Download The Critical Success Factors for Thriving Soul Based Business Owners at www.powerofmyway.com/criticalsuccessfactors.html  

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Join the Power of My Way Community and you will receive immediate access to FREE inspirational and consciousness raising audios, articles, tips for self coaching and personal growth, eBooks, music, and motivational resources. It's free and it's a gift from us to you.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about the Power of Your Way! We do not rent, sell, or share our subscriber info.

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The Power of Our Way: A Path to A Collective Consciousness, foreword written by Dr. Joe Vitale, author of the #1 Besteller, The Attractor Factor
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  • Are you ready to fully Awaken to Your Purpose?
  • How do you define the Power of Your Way
  • Do you crave to live a more purposeful, authentic life, fueled by your passions, your dreams, and your gifts?
  • Would you love to be happier and more satisfied in your work, relationships, and accomplishments?
  • Are you ready to discover and tap into your highest potential?
  • Do you want to become part of something greater and unite with people around the world?
  • Is your life waiting for you to come true but you keep bumping up against obstacles and fears?
  • Are you ready to be inspired, motivated and energized to do what is yours to do and celebrate success?
  • Are you one of the people that has seen and loved www.thepowerofmywaymovie.com and www.divinitymovie.com?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be ready to step into the Power of Your Way and Awaken to Your Highest and Most Authentic Purpose in the World!  

Click here to learn more about "The Power of Our Way: A Path to a Collective Consciousness"

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Take a look at several of the many resources created by Brent Law and
Anita Pathik Law, founders of the Power of Our Way Community.

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Meet Anita Pathik Law and Brent Law, co-founders of the Power of Our Way Community and co-creators and co-inspirators for transformational change and conscious evolution!


"We always have fun with Anita Pathik Law and her husband Brent when they visit us at The Gathering. Their September visit with us was no exception! Whether we were sharing the stage with a powerful conversation with Anita about Taking Responsibility for Our Own Shift, experiencing the transformational healing of Walking the Power of Our Way Medicine Wheel, exploring our Co-commitments to Creating Spiritual Partnerships or jamming to the indigenous roots rock of Brent,
we’re always being spiritually fed by Brent and Anita, The Spiritual Laws."

~recent testimonial from the folks at The Gathering...

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On January 11, 2006, the date we launched www.thepowerofmywaymovie.com, prosperity expert Paula Langguth Ryan interviewed Anita about the launch of the movie and book. To listen to the interview, just click on the arrow to the right!

Just Click The Arrow to Hear the Full Interview!

The Power of Our Way impacts the collective consciousness on a global level


"Each day in The Power of Our Way begins with an inspiring meditation and some questions. They’re big questions, the kind you normally don’t ask yourself because you don’t want to have to answer.  Inevitably my responses pulled me toward my authentic self.  The book holds many treasures but the greatest gift to me was the challenge to go deeper into my life’s passion and purpose. I was able to recommit with joy to the path of awakening and the journey to live my truthIf each of us invested 20 minutes a day in The Power of Our Way, we would be happier and more productive people and the world would be a better place for all beings."   

                                                                 Bob, New Hampshire